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Welcome to the Yellow Pine Times Home Page 2004.  The website has really grown.  Several NEW pages have been added, the history section has been expanded.  Scroll down the home page for a bit of local news and recent photos.  I'm still updating the site as often as I can.  Note there are a couple new "buttons. We hope to have some backcountry humor posted soon.  The Yellow Pine Times is a not-for-profit website (and sometimes newspaper) serving the village Yellow Pine, Idaho (and those who wish to be here.)  This is just a hobby, folks ~ I hope you enjoy ~ "Railroad" Sue ~ If you need to contact me, substitute an @ sign for the (at) in this email address:   yptimes2(at)      Last updated 07-30-04

Some Yellow Pine News…
The turn out for the 4th of July Golf Tournament was terrific.  The Yellow Pine Volunteer Fire Department raised some much needed funds and everyone had a great time.

Don't forget the 15th Annual Yellow Pine Harmonica Contest and Festival is just around the corner - August 6th, 7th, and 8th.  This year there will be dinners 5pm to 7pm on Friday and Saturday night, and breakfasts 7am to 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings to raise funds for the community.  For more information - go to: or click on the Events button, then scroll down that page.

Also on the Events page you will see we have big plans for Labor Day Weekend!  There will be a new golf tournament to raise funds for the Yellow Pine Pioneer Cemetery!  There will be a wine tasting event, and a community BBQ and karaoke contest.  Interested?  Then hop over to the Events page and check out the details!

Spring/Summer 2004 Yellow Pine Photo Collage

Prescribed Burn May 8th, 2004
Dropping "ping pong balls"
on Van Meter Hill

May 9th, Day 2

May 12th, Day 5 it snowed!
Smoke & Steam
Van Meter Hill
Prescribed Burn

The Krassel Ranger District, Payette National Forest would like to thank the community of Yellow Pine for their hospitality, co-operation, and support for the Parks-Eiguren Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project.  The goals of the prescribed burn were to reduce fuels, large logs, ladder fuels, small trees, etc.  Also to remove fuels along FS/private property boundaries around Yellow Pine.
There were places smoldering and flaring up for weeks - and it may still be going up there somewhere - so keep on the look out for smoke now the weather has warmed up!
Click Here: For current fire information on the Payette National Forest
Click Here: For current fire information on the Boise National Forest

Yellow Pine Country Club Golf Tournament July 3rd, 2004
Benefits the Yellow Pine Volunteer Fire Department

On course refreshments delivered to one of our hard working judges.

Unfair Fairways!

On the fringe - going for par

Going for a birdie is the men's closest to the pin winner, Steve Malm, at 34".
The pressure is on - the crowd holds their breath - Yes!  It's in!!

Yellow Pine Pioneer Cemetery

New Arrivals

Clockwise from left: 
Don K. Hotay
born 07-15-04;
"Batch #3"
born 04-25-04; Sarah with 6 new puppies 07-21-04

Other sights…

The crew at Alpine Village has been busy - recently remodeled cabins and the lodge looks great too!

Yellow Pine weed-eaters hard at work clearing the parking lot for the harmonica festival