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Wagon Train Photos

Photographer: Sarah Boles

wagon-train-whitworth.jpg (45462 bytes)
Al Whitworth leads his team of Perchron draft horses in an antique Mitchell wagon. His wife, Joan, is riding behind on her horse Shane. Also joining the group from the Seattle area are Chris Olson, Randy Berg and Gayle Lund.
wagon-train-welch.jpg (38956 bytes)
Susan and Richard Welch of Meridian brought their three little miniature horses, Topaz, Spice and Onyx, to the wagon train. Their short legs couldn't keep up with the long stride of the Clydesdale they were supposed to follow, however.

wagon-train-berg.jpg (49865 bytes)

These two characters, Randy Berg (left), riding Buzz the Wonderhorse, and Chris Olson, riding Mary the mule, came from Seattle to be part of  the Fourth Annual Weiser River Trail Wagon Train.