These are Black and White Paperdolls from the Children's Activities Magazine from the 30's & 40's
There are a few that some child has colored, and I have left them as is, because I know some of you
treasure the dolls the way they are.  I did not try to wipe out the color, because the greyscale, while
taking the color out, still leaves too much dark where the color was, to color anyway.  There is still
plenty to print and color.  You may have to save to your PC and then print from your photoshop. It
       seems that printing straight from the web sometimes makes them too big. These have all been down-
sized from their original big size.
Annabelle  1945
Family-Baby Joe
Family Baby Joe
Family-Big Brother Joe
Big Bro Johnny
Family- Big Sister Joanne
Big Sis Joanne
Family- Father
Father  May 1941
Family- Mother
Mother   Pg- 2
Barbara Apr. 1945
Barbara 1945
Barbara Jan. 1946
Barbara 1946

Easter Dolls Apr. 1939
Easter 1939
John May 1945
John  May 1945
Mary  June 1945
Mary   1945
Patty and Peter  Sept. 1941
Patty & Peter 1941
Patty & Peter 1941
Patty & Peter Oct.
Patty and Peter Nov. 1941
Patty -Peter Nov.
Raymond Mar. 1945
Raymond  1945
Sally  1945
Sally  1945
Ted   Sept. 1945
Ted  1945
Pilgrims  Nov. 1939
Pilgrims 1939
Carmelita  Oct. 1939
Carmelita  1939
Sweden  May 1939
Sweden 1939
Lucy Eleanor
Boston Sunday
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